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The past 18 months have truly been life changing for so many people! Most of us have come away with a need to gather more intentionally, limit unnecessary items and seek lasting relationships. It seems that crisis can, in fact, create a commitment to what truly matters most.

What Truly Matters Most

Gathering With Purpose

That is the very reason we are working to rehabilitate and create the Territory Ballroom. Our focus is to help facilitate those intentions within our community and extended reach by providing the space to gather with purpose. Life events, like weddings, baby showers, graduations, anniversaries and retirements deserve just as much excitement as promotions, job changes, holiday parties and team achievements!

Unfortunately, so much of life was canceled due to the unknown. This year we’ve seen a resurgence of people getting back to their roots and choosing to simplify and downsize. That’s true for rural communities like ours as well. With the majority of the workforce not returning to the office our hope is that we can provide space to get out of the house, connect with others and grow businesses. In addition, our calendar is filling up fast for life events like weddings! Now is the time to plan and commit to what truly matters most.

What Truly Matters Most

I’m not one to dwell in the past. However, I do believe that without a good understanding of where we have come from (or through!), we cannot look to the future with hope. The Territory Ballroom will be built upon the foundation of those who walked this path before us and operated on the foundation of faith in our families, friends and community. It’s with great pleasure that I offer our space and time to serve your endeavors toward what truly matters most!


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