At The Territory Ballroom we believe that your gathering should be stress-free, warm and inviting.  In order to make that happen, you need a venue that isn't another random backdrop. 

The problem is that most venues are just impersonal buildings which require you to spend more of your budget (and time!) to make it feel special.  

We understand and want more for our community, friends and family.  That's why we created a venue that exudes... genuine hospitality.

You will find elegant comfort to prepare for your special day in our historic venue with unique 1800's furnishings and overlooking views of Main Street, Council Grove along the original Santa Fe Trail.  Guests can gather below in the Ballroom to await the event. 

Finish off the day with sweet dreams of the future in our Doña Tules Suite with a nod to the pioneers who had once traveled this road before us.    

Needing to host a business function?  We've got you covered.  Stage the multi-function ballroom for weddings and events exactly to your specifications.  Local vendors help provide boxed lunches for your conference or full blown dinner for your fundraising gala.
Use our AirBnB as an employee incentive, year end bonus or auction item for your benefit function.  The options are truly limitless for you to be a guest at your own event!

Meet Your wedding venue owners

Nicky & Shawn

Whether you are planning a corporate event, a non-profit gala or a destination wedding, sometimes a little help can go a long way.  Rest assured that when you book The Territory Ballroom no detail will go unchecked. 

With private access to your own Client Portal, you and I can work out all the nitty gritty aspects to bring about the vision you are wanting to create.  From timelines, to checklists, design boards and seating arrangements, your guests will be blown away with how organized and smooth operating your event will be!  

Fill out the form below and quit settling for less.  We have so much more to offer than your typical venue!  


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