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Planning your wedding can become all consuming and easy to lose site of what matters most. Building a life together requires dedicated focus on each other and there’s no better time to start than now! I’ve put together a 5 part series of date night breaks from wedding planning for couples.

We just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary by squeezing in a dinner date during one of the kids’ hour long evening activities. With wheat harvest and the historic renovation project, we’ve been burning the candle at both ends! Our intentions are gold but sometimes the life we are creating together gets out of hand! However, if I have learned anything about being married over the past few years, it is that carving out time (even if it’s just an hour!) for each other is worth the hard work!

Take A Break From Wedding Planning

Therefore, I’ve created five local and budget friendly ideas for you to incorporate into your busy schedule that are stress free and don’t require advanced planning. Isn’t that what you need a break from any way?!

date night
Schedule time together

For us, the struggle is not in the intentions, but in the follow-through. That’s why I’ve made it easy. Follow The Territory Ballroom on Facebook and/or Instagram and screenshot the date ideas as they come through over the next 5 weeks. If you haven’t already started a shared calendar in Outlook or Google with your fiance do that now! Then, simply create a Date Night calendar event and upload the attachment with all the details. Finally, set a reminder a few days in advance so that you can make reservations and get excited about your “scheduled” time together!

Now, as soon as you can, lay down that wedding magazine, grab a cool drink and get ready to relax. Here we go… your top 5 quick date night breaks from wedding planning are listed below!

Date Night Break Ideas:

  • Ride The Waves

    Kayaks and paddle boards can be a great way to blow off stress as well as relax on the gentle waves. Most marinas rent the gear for half or whole day excursions. If you’re up for a challenge make your own games (first one to flip over owes a kiss!) or quietly watch the wildlife around you. Don’t forget to check out the marina’s menu before you wrap up the day!

  • Walk The Walk

    Sometimes, less is more. Grab some ice cream and take and old fashioned stroll down the lane. People watching is a great way to dream about your future together! Choose the River Walk, an easy hiking trail, or simply walk the running path in the city park. The idea is to slow down and just be!

  • Take A Local Dive

    Pick a spot you haven’t tried yet. Not sure if the vibe is your style? That’s the whole point! Live music and creative food is a must for this date. Take the pressure off of needing to have a romantic evening by enjoying something different. Now then, check out that hole in the wall place and spice up your night with a little music and fun!

  • Create Your Own History

    The summer nights can be hot! However, an indoor date can be a relief when the weather isn’t so great. Check out a local museum, historical site or go Geocaching! Learning about your local area can really help lay a foundation for your future together. Download the Geocaching app and go on a scavenger hunt- make up your own rules and rewards!

  • Make Time For Tee

    Now, before you say you can’t golf hear me out! Being married means learning to do new things together. Golf (or any variety of it) is something that can be enjoyable together well into your golden years. Do you have a disc golf course in your area? What about put-put? Try signing up for a couples lesson at your local Country Club for a fun way to spend the evening. Then, swing by the grocery store and fill up a little cooler with snacks and drinks then hit the greens for a night to remember!

date night breaks from wedding planning
Prioritize Your Time

Build Your Future Now

Most importantly, your wedding day deserves special attention but, it shouldn’t overshadow the main objective. Building a life together requires dedicated focus on each other. Therefore, I hope that the 5 date night breaks from wedding planning I’ve shared above can give you a foundation to grow on as you start your new chapter together! Click here for a list of local ideas at the Ballroom and follow along with our Instagram stories for more behind the scenes over the next 5 weeks! So… which one will you choose first?


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