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Pulling off a big event can be more than just a little stressful. Whether you are hosting a non-profit gala, a corporate conference or preparing for your own wedding, planning a rural event at The Territory Ballroom has suddenly become much easier!

Planning a rural event with timeline assistance

Let me introduce you to your Ballroom Client Planning Portal. Together, you and I can now hash out all the nitty-gritty details to bring your vision to life!

From checklists to budgets, and mood-boards to seating arrangements, this tool will help keep both of us on the same page. Moreover, your invoices, vendor contacts and documents will all be stored in one cloud-based program with 24 hour access.

Planning a rural event with client access checklists

Need your assistant or Maid of Honor to handle a specific task? Add her to the list of viewers and send it her way. Your time is valuable. With this completely customized experience, event planning at The Territory Ballroom just took on a whole new level of professionalism!

Wow your guests by making their RSVP seamlessly transition into a predesigned seating arrangement with meal preferences. Additionally, keep your event running on time with the Day Of Timeline tool and ensure everyone is dressed and ready for the photographer at exactly sunset.

Planning a rural event with seating charts of The Territory Ballroom

Do you hate trying to remember where you saved that amazing photo you want to use to recreate your tablescapes? When you book your event with me, your access to the Ballroom Client Planning Portal has space for that too. Download your favorite images to the studio design file and we can both begin to see the vision come to life!

Planning a rural event using design stye guides all in one location

Our rural venue may be quite old, but that doesn’t mean we have to do things the hard way! Book your event with us today and rest assured no detail will go unnoticed!


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