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Learn How Coworking Can Keep You From Feeling Stuck At Home This Winter

2021 continues to be a year of adjustments as we approach the holidays. The phrase “work-life balance” is becoming a real challenge as more and more people join the work-from-home sector. Learn how coworking might be your ticket out of the house for the coming year.

The New Norm

So many people in our rural communities have been given the opportunity to work from home this past year. For some it has been a real blessing in disguise. More time with family, less time traveling and eating out and ultimately more money in your pocket.

Despite the original nerves of wondering if you can handle it, where you’ll set up your new office, how to keep the distractions at bay, and what (or what not!) to wear all day, you’ve made it through the year in good shape!

Oh, So Lonely

Unfortunately, as a society there’s a new elephant in the room. Zoom meetings and FaceTime can only go so far to make you feel as though you’ve had a real encounter with the outside world. While the work from home solution has become the new norm in many cases rural communities present unique challenges.

With limited resources, entertainment, and social circles, our little towns can feel smaller than ever as we navigate daily routines. Wintertime can enhance that feeling of isolation and being shut-in. Carving out time to gather together, bounce ideas off of other professionals and simply get out of the house is critical.

Is Coworking The Answer?

I believe there is a way to make this work… longterm. The Territory Ballroom idea has grown out of a passion I have for gathering people together. A passion to help others who live outside of the city limits or in small communities collaborate in a central location. I believe in open spaces, self-service, and utilizing every tool we have at our disposal to get jobs done.

Coworking can be defined in so many ways. Right now, I see a need in our little town. A need to offer space for people to grow, create and work. Whatever you do from home is your business… literally! But once in a while, it feels good to step outside and get a change of scenery so that you can appreciate the blessing of being home.

Mind Your Own Rural Business

Preparing this space is my job- defining it is yours. How much more productive could you be with a membership at the Ballroom? Once a month client meetings in a professional, clean and fun environment. A fully stocked and technologically equipped conference room to host your team. And let’s not forget, the freedom to live and work your own way. If we’re being honest, isn’t that the greatest thing about working from home?!

Why not make 2022 the year you breeze right through? You’ve made the hard decisions and sacrifices to transition into your new norm. I’m here to help you find the work-life balance (at least in part) you crave and truly need to be your absolute best! Book your membership today!


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