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12 Christmas Engagement Ideas For Rural Kansas Couples

Professing your love can suddenly become overwhelming when you decide to make it a “forever” decision! Don’t let nerves and stress keep stalling your efforts. Take a look at these 12 tips to help plan the perfect winter proposal and make 2021 the year you both say “I do”!

Plan The Perfect Winter Proposal In Rural Kansas

Did you know winter is considered the prime engagement season? Shawn actually proposed to me on Christmas Day, 2000. Regardless of how you met or how long you’ve been together, making the decision to get married is a big step. Here at The Territory Ballroom we break it down and take the stress off so that you can not only enjoy the moment but the entire holiday season!

How To Plan The Perfect Winter Proposal

1. You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

This is pretty much a given, but knowing that you’re both thinking about marriage is truly critical to the whole process! Have those deep conversations and ask your significant other how they feel about a lifelong commitment together. Sometimes it’s easier to use other friends who have gotten married as examples to open the discussion. Knowing how they feel about the topic will give you an idea of what they will say when the ring box is opened!

2. Family First

You haven’t reached this point alone. And, trust me, you don’t want to continue ahead alone either! Marriages thrive when they are upheld and encouraged by the people closest to you. Communicating with and inviting each of your families into this process can be a beautiful blessing.

3. Secure The Goods

The ring. How do you know what she wants? Have you asked? If you’re wanting to surprise her, stalk her Pinterest pages, ask her friends, and then befriend the jeweler. They can help walk you through the options, sizes, quality and prices. Pay attention to her current jewelry and “try on” one of her ring finger rings. Mark the spot it sits at on your own finger and they can help you with an educated guess. Don’t forget, resizing can be done if needed! Check out the article below for more ideas.

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4. Get Ready

Will you casually ask after a Netflix binge or do you need to coordinate with friends to pull it off? Do you need to make reservations so you aren’t caught off guard when all the seats are taken at the only local restaurant? Do horses need to be caught and saddled, blankets laid out and drinks on hand? Plan the work, work the plan.

5. Get Set

Filming and capturing this moment digitally is really a recent phenomenon. While this particular moment isn’t easy to recreate, don’t feel pressured to follow trends if it means going into debt over it. This is a personal proposal and sometimes less is more. On the other hand, if pictures are a must, be sure you make arrangements and figure out how to incorporate the photographer into your day!

6. Take Notes

You may have been rehearsing what you’ll say for a month of Sundays now but don’t assume nerves and excitement won’t show up to the party. Go ahead and write down what you’d like to say. It won’t hurt you and you’ll be glad you “saw it” before you said it!

7. Celebrate In Style

Demonstrate how sauve you can be by being prepared. A bottle of something sparkly will only add to the sparkle of the ring in her eyes!

8. Cover Your Assets

Keep the ring safe. That goes without saying, in fact, sometimes that can be the most stressful part of keeping things under wraps before you propose! Find a secure location to keep and store the ring. I would not advise using an old tobacco can but you can speak with my husband about his own choices… it was a clever hiding spot! Don’t forget insurance on your purchase- it’s a small comfort in this whole process and well worth the expense!

9. Try To Relax

You read that correctly! I know this is an exciting time and emotions will run high. Take a breath, say a prayer and be yourself. I spent most of that Christmas morning twenty years ago upset with Shawn because I thought he was being completely bizarre… little did I know he hadn’t kept a meal down in three days!

10. Keep It Real

The engagement is only a small part of your future together. The world we live in now is full of edited versions of ourselves, our actions and our environments. By focusing on what you’re really doing, not just creating another beautiful photo op, you’ll capture the real emotion between the two of you.

11. Be Flexible

Be willing to be patient. Your best laid plans may not go exactly the way you wanted them too. Here in Kansas we say if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes and it will change. You may have to pivot at the last minute and settle for sunrise instead of sunset. You should consider holding on to this advice throughout your marriage…

12. Shoot Strait

If all else fails, be like George Strait. Ask her if she wants to be your friend and have her check “yes” or “no”! There is no right or wrong season, no right or wrong way to ask the love of your life to share forever together. Go for it, I’ve got your back!

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