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The age old saying about Kansas is that if you don’t like the weather just wait a few more minutes. With a 40 degree swing in temperature here the past two weeks, it’s time to talk about your outdoor wedding backup plans!


Stressing over your wedding investments because of unpredictable weather is no way to spend your time! A friend of mine had plans to get married (many moons ago!) in her family’s beautiful pasture in May. Even though tornado season was supposedly over, a pop-up thunderstorm turned violent the morning of. With no storm shelter in site, we ended up huddling together in a barn that no one had time to clean out. Adventures in marriage can be wonderful. Adventures the day of your wedding, however, can be extremely stressful! My job as a wedding planner is to keep those far, far away!

Backup Plan Tip #1… make a plan!

Have several backup plans! Seriously, don’t assume everything will just work out. You’ve spent hard earned money and time creating a special environment in which to remember this moment. Furthermore, the people who have helped you deserve to know it wasn’t in vain.

Your backup plan should include a go/no-go time that allows for a transition to a covered location. A tent is a common solution. The onsite covered space can serve as both ceremony and reception space should you need it. Another idea is that many rural communities rent camping shelters for a minimal cost. This would allow you, the wedding party, officiant & photographer to take care of the most important business before heading to the reception. The additional and possible loss of this expense would be worth the peace of mind!

Backup Plan Tip #2… stall!

If you’re dead-set on an outdoor wedding, be sure to give your guests ample time to arrive, get settled and provide them ways to be comfortable. Fans, shawls, and other items can be left in a basket at the welcome station. Planning a rural event doesn’t have to be difficult, it just means we should think ahead. Even so, many sudden rain showers on the prairie pass as quickly as they come.

Your guests have dedicated the time to be with you, they won’t mind waiting for a few more moments when it’s out of your hands! Even so, you may want to think about offering music, beverages and light snacks to help pass the time.

Backup Plan Tip #3… consider the way the wind blows!

If I’m being honest, rain isn’t my first concern for a Kansas outdoor wedding. It’s the wind! Added protection, whether that includes extra tent pegs, windbreaks, or multiple Auqa Net bottles, is never a bad idea, especially when you’re only planning to do this once!

There are generally two types of insurance- liability and cancellation. A basic policy that might cover general losses can range between $200-$500, depending on the amount you’d like to cover. Wedding insurance can vary quite a bit so be sure to shop around!

Read your contracts carefully! Outdoor venues typically have a weather clause and it’s critical that you know what it says before you’re face with a sudden decision to change plans. Don’t wait until last minute to decide. You and your fianc√© will thank each other for knowing how you want to handle the first of Life’s many adventures together!

Finally, The Most Important Thing

Having a backup plan for an outdoor wedding is truly one of the most important items to cross off your list. However, the most important thing, is that you remember what this day is really for. Saying “I do” is more special than any setting, venue, floral arrangement or photo you will create for that day.

If you’re planning a rural outdoor wedding in Kansas let’s get together to talk about the details. From crafting tables out of scrap wood and using hay bales for seats to hauling fancy furniture & horderves out to the middle of the tallgrass prairie, I’ve been there and done that!

Just a short stroll from the Riverwalk area, The Territory Ballroom can also serve as your backup plan for that gorgeous wedding at Council Grove’s new native stone amphitheater or that Flint Hills pasture. Don’t let Kansas weather knock you down. Let’s make a plan you will remember for the long haul, call me today!

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