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What do covered wagons, dust, and crying babies heading into the Western Territory along the Santa Fe Trail have to do with hosting you at The Territory Ballroom?

Could they have predicted the fast paced race of technology and modern methods of living life today? Ultimately, I believe we have more in common with these brave pioneers than we think!

hosting you at the territory ballroom
Heading West Along The Santa Fe Trail

When the Territory Ballroom Buildings were built in the late 1800’s the “West” held the promise of hope and prosperity.

For many, the hope of freedom, opportunity, and space to dream big outweighed the risk of danger and great loss.

I believe that sounds a bit like January 2021! Today we continue to strive for growth, advancement and opportunity to chase our dreams.

That is exactly why I’m establishing this place along this historic trail at this time in history! The Territory Ballroom is our place to “head West”, to risk and to dream big.

NIcky tiffany

Whether you are tying the knot this year or stepping away from that corporate job to pursue your own small business, we look forward to hosting you at The Territory Ballroom!

As we rehabilitate this space to accommodate modern technology and amenities, dream big, make plans and move onward into this new year with grit and grace!


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