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If you’re planning a wedding for 200 guests, finding the perfect venue is key. Make sure your big day is magical and memorable by choosing the ideal location that provides everything you need for your special event!

Wedding Guests Sign In At The Territory Ballroom A Kansas Wedding Venue

Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding is a big decision. There are many factors to consider like size, location, availability and budget. Decide on what type of atmosphere you’d like- traditional or unique and start from there! Consider different elements such as outdoor vs indoor, lighting and decor. Take a look below to learn how to find a venue that truly reflects you and your style as a couple.

Questions to Ask Before Booking a Venue

When looking for the perfect venue, you should ask important questions such as availability, cost and amenities. Additionally, inquire about staff requirements, noise regulations and clean-up policies. Other items to consider are hours of operation, accommodation options and payment terms. Lastly, it is always wise to get testimonials from past customers.

Is The Venue All-Inclusive?

Choosing a venue that is all-inclusive, offering everything you need to make your wedding or event a success can be a huge help. We have custom packages and affordable pricing options to fit any budget. From chairs, tables and setup to catering and entertainment, we provide all the essentials for an unforgettable party or celebration!

How Many Guests Should We Invite?

The number of guests you should invite to your wedding depends on many factors, such as budget, size of venue and desired atmosphere. Generally speaking a wedding for 200 guests will require a fairly large space in order to accommodate everyone comfortably. Before deciding on a venue, it is important that you get an accurate count of expected guests so that you can choose the right venue that can accommodate everyone.

The RSVP Statistics and Trends You Need to Know

The number of guests you invite to your wedding will depend on a variety of factors such as the size and type of venue, the style of the wedding and, most importantly, your budget. However, on average couples typically invite about 100-150 guests and usually receive around 75-80 “yes” RSVPs.

Benefits Of A Destination Wedding Venue

Couples looking for an unforgettable experience for their wedding should consider a destination wedding venue. Not only will it create a unique and memorable atmosphere, but it also offers your guests the chance to partake in a fun weekend getaway complete with entertainment options!

Yes, you can have both a ceremony and reception at our unique venue for weddings and more! Personalize our venue space and amenities, work with us to plan a wedding reception that offers everything from a traditional dinner to specially crafted cocktails. Make sure to check your date in our calendar so that we are able to accommodate your specific event needs.

Our wedding venue packages are designed to make your special day memorable and stress-free. Whether it’s a weekend affair, a Saturday or Sunday ceremony, or a weekday event, we have an option to fit any bride’s budget. Choose from our beautiful outdoor spaces and cozy indoor chambers as the backdrop for your once-in-a-lifetime event. Plus all packages come with some bonus features that may surprise you!

  • Multiple package options to choose from (weekend, single-day and half-day)
  • Outdoor/indoor event locations
  • Event decorations and accesories
  • Vendor Coordination services available
    Benefits: allow me to handle all of the scheduling and stress!
  • Affordable pricing for all packages
  • Stress free planning with onsite coordinator available
  • All inclusive packages provide everything needed for a perfect wedding ceremony/reception.

Are you in need of a wedding venue for your 200 guests? Look no further! Here, we offer you options that are perfect for making your special day magical. With the ideal location, amazing amenities and plenty of room for your guests, you’ll find the perfect venue for your wedding celebration with us!


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