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If I could grant you a promotion, what would it look like? My guess is that free time and money would rise to the top of your answers. Let’s take a look at how rural coworking at The Territory Ballroom might just help gain you more of what you really want!

working at the territory ballroom
Gain Time, Lower Expenses

Living Rural

Many of us know that living in Rural America has many benefits. Lower crime rates and costs of living rise to the top. Of course, smaller student to teacher ratios and a sense of closer knit communities also score big points. Access to fresh food and clean water as well as space to breathe are huge when it comes to raising a family here. You can do your own research by clicking here if I haven’t sold you yet!

But until recently, rural communities have been overlooked in the technology department and professional advancement. And, as much as it may be desired, living outside of the metropolitan area has included a long stressful commute with greater expenses further contributing to the rat race.

So back to my question- what do you desire most in your pursuit of work/life balance? What would you do with extra time in your day? Let me introduce you to how working at The Territory Ballroom could work for you!

Coworking is an arrangement in which workers of different companies share an office space, allowing cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities, and receptionist and custodial services, and in some cases refreshments and parcel acceptance services.

What Is Coworking?

According to WeWork- one of the first mega coworking companies to emerge,

“The first coworking spaces began appearing in the early 2000s. They attracted mostly self-employed freelancers and web entrepreneurs searching for an alternative to working from coffee shops, business centers, and home offices. 

Since then, coworking has become a global phenomenon, and coworking spaces themselves have evolved to keep up with the changing ways we work. There were an estimated 19,000 coworking spaces around the world in 2019. Today, they’re used by everyone from individuals working remotely to entire corporate teams.

Lately, coworking spaces are also being used by larger companies seeking to cut down on their unused office space, move away from traditional headquarters, and embrace a more flexible way of working. 

Coworking spaces are a way for growing businesses to expand into new areas and access fresh talent pools without taking on the risk of a long-term lease. They’re a convenient space for newly remote workers to continue to meet and collaborate with colleagues without having to travel too far.”

rural coworking woman with laptop

5 Coworking Advantages

Truth be told, the pandemic crisis has many workers rethinking the traditional office set-up. Flexibility is a huge perk for many employees and companies are beginning to consider coworking advantages. Here are 5 reasons this setup is meant for you:

  • Short Term Contracts– most coworking spaces don’t require a long commitment. That’s incredibly helpful when you’re a start-up company needing to watch the budget!
  • Connection– creative ideas seldom come from one location. By sharing coworking space, your solopreneur inspiration can be influenced by someone in a totally different industry than you!
  • Get Out Of The House– not everyone has enjoyed working from home. If this is your “new normal” and you’re less than excited about it, having a dedicated space to work but remaining close to home could be a win-win!
  • Less Expensive– CEO’s CFO’s and COO’s do you really need that expensive building and overhead? With access to private office space, conference rooms and refreshments at a fraction of the cost, you too could be looking a promotion in the eye!
  • Collaboration- Community is more important than ever before. Being alone never gets us very far in business or in life. Consider coworking space as your new community- on your terms!

Coworking Perks

If I haven’t enticed you enough with the list above, working at the Territory Ballroom won’t leave you wishing for more! Here are 5 more reasons you need to reserve your space today:

  • High Speed Internet– up until recently THIS was the primary reason remote working in a rural community just didn’t work. Our state of the art fiber to the premise technology from TCT in Council Grove suddenly levels the playing field across the globe! Learn more here.
  • Location- situated at the cross hairs of Kansas State Hwys 177 and 56 you can meet with clients from across this half of the state and save fuel all day long! Have you considered how long your commute will become as the road construction continues? Let’s talk soon…
  • Flexibility– need a chair for an afternoon, this week, or do you need a smaller office that you can call your own? We’ve got room (and flexible rates) for all of the above!
  • Amenities– need your coffee hot? Printer paper? Conference Room ready? Mailbox with custom physical address? We’ve got you covered!
  • Privacy– with over 5,000 sqft of… well… space, we have taken all privacy issues into account. Keyless door entry for members only and a private client portal for all of your billing and scheduling just keeps things neat and tidy!
rural coworking at the territory ballroom

Rural Coworking, The New Normal

Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, small business owner or corporate executive, coworking is taking the workforce by storm. If you are passionate about reviving our small communities, rural coworking may be the solution to bringing more folks “back home”. Either way, time and money will continue to drive our decisions and I truly hope I can help you reclaim your new normal… and a way to pocket some of both!


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