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While I’m putting together purchase orders for linens and chairs, hand soap and toilet paper, I keep thinking about heirlooms and hospitality at The Territory Ballroom. My mind keeps wandering back to those who have traveled before us and what they may have needed and wanted along the Santa Fe Trail.

As the promise of prosperity, land and freedom called people to travel West we find them packing a variety of amenities and heirlooms. From basic supplies to fine china, the code of hospitality was commonplace.

We know that for some, the journey was strictly business and their baggage provided only the necessities. For others, any reminder of the finer things in life helped to hold onto the hope of survival along the dangerous trail.

heirlooms and hospitality at the territory ballroom
Amenities For Any Occasion

I’ve learned throughout my own journey, there is a difference between entertaining and offering hospitality. As a Stay At Home Mom of 5, I quickly realized entertaining left me feeling inadequate, more focused on the presentation rather than the company.

With the guidance of some wonderful mentors, I began to see the beauty in serving others in a way that left us both feeling blessed. It is this feeling that I want to pack with me wherever I go. A gift I can share with others that transcends cultural, age and social barriers.

When you visit, you can be sure the coffee will always be hot and there will be a place for you around my fire. We can even use the fine china if you prefer! Discover fine heirlooms and hospitality at The Territory Ballroom today!


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