e know full well how multi-tasking can quickly go south while working from home!  Let us take the pressure off of your next Zoom meeting and set you up for success.  

Our Part-Time membership level is designed for the occasional visitor who just needs to get out of the house once or twice a week.  Perhaps you are an online student in Council Grove, Ks who needs some focused time to work on your studies Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This membership level is built for those who need a seat and Wi-Fi less than 50% of the month. 

Part-Time Coworking 


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Creature comforts are a must.  Bring your lunch, grab a Coke and pick your spot to get your work done.  

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The hot-desk term is used to describe the flexible work space the open floor plan of the Ballroom provides.  Choose a couch, desk, or sit at the bar if you feel led!

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open floor plan seating

Great for individuals working on their "side-hustle", start-up companies needing to develop a team strategy.  Remote learners wanting to get out of the house less than 50% of the month.